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Biochemical ecology of water pollution

P. R. Dugan (Patrick R.)

New York, Plenum Press 1972

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  • Title:
    Biochemical ecology of water pollution
  • Author: P. R. Dugan (Patrick R.)
  • Subjects: Water -- Pollution; Biochemistry; Ecology; Water Pollution; Biochemistry; Ecology; Biochemistry; Ecology; Water -- Pollution
  • Contents: Part I. The water pollution problem. Significance of pollution -- Pollutional concerns, causes, and concepts. Disease production ; Organic pollutants ; Mineral pollutants ; Pollution by recalcitrant molecules ; Heat pollution -- Water in perspective to population and pollution. Hydrologic cycle, water availability, and use ; Population growth and its by-products -- Part II. Biochemical considerations. Biochemical aspects of water pollution ; Ecological concepts. Symbiosis -- Water, its properties, biochemistry, and biological implications. Water chemistry ; Bound water ; Biological implications of bound water ; Solutions, suspensions, and colloids ; Surfaces and adsorption -- Degradation of organic pollutants. Hydrolysis of polysaccharides ; Hydrolysis of proteins ; Hydrolysis of fats ; Carbohydrate dissimilation ; Amino acid dissimilation ; Oxidation of fatty acids and alcohols -- Hydrocarbon oxidation. General aspects ; n-alkanes ; Alkenes ; Cycloalkanes ; Aromatics ; Methand, ethane, and methanol oxidation -- Recalcitrant molecules. Isoalkanes ; Synthetic anionic detergents ; Hydrocarbon derivatives -- Cycling of nutrients. Cycling of oxygen, hydrogen, and phosphorus ; Cycling of carbon ; Cycling of nitrogen ; Cycling of sulfur -- Part III. Major ecological problems. Biochemistry of acid mine drainage. Production of acid. The role of the thiobacillus-ferrobacillus group of bacteria in the formation of acid mine drainage ; Mechanism of action of the microbiological production of acid from reduced iron and sulfur compounds ; Consideration of mechanisms of pyrite oxidation ; Biological means of treatment and abatement -- Pollution and accelerated eutrophication of lakes. Lake sediment formation.
    An inter-disciplinary approach to water pollution.
  • Publisher: New York, Plenum Press
  • Creation Date: 1972
  • Physical Description: ix, 159 pages 24 cm.
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN0306305402;ISBN9780306305405
  • Source: 01GALI USG ALMA
  • OCLC Number: 00245995
  • NZ MMS ID: 9910078369002931
  • IZ MMS ID: 9973433402932$$IABAC

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